Grow, Heal, and Elevate through Deep Inner Work




There often comes a few points in life when our Soul is deeply ready for a shift..


..when we can see through our excuses, when we understand we need accountability, teachings and tools, and when we know guide can offer a new perspective.

When you're ready you will have started to recognize patterns within yourself -- behaviour that's not aligned with who you want to be, painful relationship dynamics, feeling stuck. 

You probably already know a lot about yourself and the topics that surround "doing the work". You've heard of attachment style and inner child healing..

..but nothing is really changing in your life. 

I believe that when we claim that we are ready the Universe begins to put in front of us the resources we need. 

Welcome to the world of personalized coaching and inner work. 

What you're seeking is an evolution from awareness to embodied


Logically you know you want to act different, and feel different. You can name the ways anxiety shows up for you, you can sense your self-worth is off, you even know what it takes to make you feel better.. 

..but the same loops play out. 

You're at the awareness level, your logical mind sees it all but your subconscious isn't on board, yet.

The next steps involve bringing this awareness and knowledge through your emotional body and your physical body so that all parts of you become aligned and from there you get to remember and act from your pure essence and power. 

Application Form

C L I E N T  E X P E R I E N C E

"I came across Johanna’s offering at a time where I felt extremely stuck, like I was just running on a hamster wheel.

I recognized behaviours within myself that I found undesirable that I wanted to work through.

This was the first time I ever experienced doing somatic work. By the time the program was nearing it’s end, I could already feel myself being able to process situations differently, connect the dots I couldn’t before and really articulate my thoughts and feelings.

I’m so grateful for the information and support I received and am so happy I did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you feel like you're just not figuring it out


I have a secret for you. 

That sense of stuckness, frustration, 'I feel like something is missing', or a subtle deep feeling of sadness doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.

It likely means a powerful part of is trying to break through. 

Most of us have been living in deep disconnection from ourselves. We've been conditioned to be who we feel we need to, but it leaves us feeling alone. 

We've experienced hard things in life and maybe haven't felt like looking at the wounds until now.  

It's human to seek control, to attempt to shape the world and ourselves in ways that bring us security and clarity.

Maybe you channel control through the way you manage a busy schedule, or your ability to be relentless towards your goal at times. This intensity can be a strength, but it can also be an anchor, weighing you down with its demands.

With every achievement, there might be a voice that whispers, "Is this it? What’s next?"

But here's the thing: Control isn’t always about mastery or dominance. True control is about acceptance. Embracing every shade of your being, the light and the shadow.

Most of us have been living in deep disconnection from ourselves. We've been conditioned to be someone we aren't and it leaves us feeling alone.


Your Unique Path


Following your path means taking the invitation for change, growth, and healing, and being willing to get uncomfortable and try things a different way. 

As a coach and guide my gifts are in standing beside you and holding the latern as we go into the darkness.

It is here that genuine healing and expansion occurs.

Here we will find the peace, confidence, liberation and understanding you've been craving. 

Together, we'll face each fragment of the past, each whisper of doubt, and each echo of pain. And with every step we take, every revelation we uncover, I'll be right there, lighting the way, ensuring that you emerge stronger, more connected, and in profound harmony with your true self.


Apply to work with Johanna

This application includes 18 questions which allow me to feel if you are a good fit for this work. From here you may be offered an intro call where we can get to know each other and feel if there is mutual trust and magic available. 

What it Looks Like to Begin Working Together


Secure Love + Secure Self

$500 - $1,500

If you are

  • Ready to go deep¬†
  • Love teachings and practices
  • Are¬†craving a community of likeminded women
  • Can create 1-3 hours for your growth per week
6 Week Group Programs
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1:1 Personal Coaching 2-3 months


If you are

  • Ready to go deep
  • Can see your patterns but have a hard time shifting them
  • Wanting more tools and resources to heal and maintain your energy¬†
  • Willing to show up and choose yourself
  • Looking for accountability and structure¬†

1:1 Long Term Private Mentorship

$3.5k - $5k

If you are

  • Ready to go deep
  • Developing your own coaching or facilitation skills
  • Building a business alongside¬†your personal growth



I believe in full pricing transparency and not hiding my costs behind a sales call. My containers are priced in line with the market average and what feels like an accurate energy exchange. I encourage you to lean into coaches you trust, and remember this is an invaluable investment in yourself.

Until we meet our darkness, heal our wounds, and chose to reclaim our power, life will continue to feel the same and we'll stay in the delusion of beliving that it's not up to us.



"Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our life and we will call it fate"



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