Resolving Burnout in 5 Weeks, here's what happens:

  1. Fall asleep easier and wake up rested

  2. Regulate your nervous system to spend less time in the fight/flight stress response

  3. Gain access to sharper focus and make clear decisions.

  4. Eliminate anxiety and overwhelm

  5. Find a healthy work life balance you feel good about

  6. Increase your capacity for better relationships

It's possible, and you deserve it!

Leverage the information in The Burnout Solution Course to continue to expand your impact, leadership and magnetism.  

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 Sleep Better, Feel Better, Focus Better

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Course Modules

Do you want to keep growing your wealth and impact without completely burning out? 

..and feel more grounded and focused?

..and drop insomnia and anxiety?

..and enjoy life while you're at it?


You're in the right place. I cover it all inside The Burnout Solution. 

The Burnout Solution


Recover, Regulate, Rise

5 Week Program Breakdown


Sleep, the Ultimate Biohack

Regulate your sleep for better concentration and a longer lifespan
  • Interventions and supplements for better sleep
  • Resolve sleep anxiety and insomnia
  • Sleep: health benefits and health concerns

You’ll finish this lesson with a selections of interventions to improve your sleep starting tonight. 


Moving out of Fight or Flight - Nervous System Regulation 

Adrenal fatigue, overcoming the fight or flight addiction
  • Understand and improve your stress tolerance
  • Regulate your nervous system for better focus and decision making
  • Manage time and resources effortlessly 

*You’ll finish this lesson with a deep understanding of the power your nervous systems plays in your daily experience, and the ability to train your nervous system to self-regulate. 


Communication for Leaders

Discover unique methods to a bigger impact
  • Reclaim your confidence
  • Communicate effectively for better leadership
  • Move out of people pleasing or brick-walling 
  • How to set loving boundaries that facilitate stronger connection

You’ll finish this lesson feeling more confident in yourself and your relationship to others. 



Nutrition and Supplementation for Burnout and Optimal Performance.
  • How to feed your body for energy, motivation and brain power
  • Overcoming addictions and dependancies
  • What to add and what to avoid for improving brain and body performance

You’ll finish this training knowing how to take care of your body and take your body to the next level. 


Expand - Increase your Capacity for Managing Stress 

Codes to break through plateaus without extra effort
  • How to rise from a burnout slump and hit the next level of success
  • Effective mindset practices for forming new patterns

You’ll finish this course with increased energy to move forward in pursuit of your career goals while feeling balanced in life, relationships and work. 

You’ll finish this course with..

..increased energy for better focus to move forward in pursuit of your career goals while feeling balanced in life, relationships and work. 

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I'm Johanna, it's an honour to serve the high performing men I work with. 

Men have been taught that it’s normal to struggle, that taking a break isn’t an option, that they have to grind and sacrifice for a career at any cost, including the cost of health and relationships. 

And so they might continue to push but something stays stuck, eventually health issues arrive. Rashes, poor sleep, anxiety starting in our early 30s. 

There’s a desire to relieve the constant pressure without fully letting everything go to shit.

From what I've seen, for those close to burnout, it can also feel like:

-There aren’t enough hours in the day to hit the next income goal without absolute burnout. 

-Dealing with people or the team is leading to resentment. (Or delegation isn't happening at all)  

-Relationship drama is almost more than is bare-able and hardly feels worth the effort.

But the truth is all men want to wake up feeling energized. They want to be PURPOSE DRIVEN in their career and in an active leadership role.  

And once that is sorted they generally also want a relationship that’s supportive, challenging, fun and loving.

Together we work to help you sleep better, feel better, and focus better. And that's just the beginning. 



- Improved Sleep

- Increased Focus and Creativity

- Less Anxiety and Overwhelm

- To Feel Grounded and Focused 

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As a personal development coach I understand that one-size-fits-all doesn't always work.

Your goals are my priority so let's talk about it. 

Best case scenario I can help you get exactly where you want to go. 

I'm looking forward to speaking to you. 

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